So by now, if you are reading this post on my website and not on Facebook, you will have noticed some serious changes to the site.  The site is still not exactly the way I would like it, but I am a perfectionist in many respects.  The first thing you should notice is the splash page at my home page warning of adult content.  Unfortunately this is needed.  I have set it up so that you only get hit by it once per visit.

The second major change is the updated content.  This is the exact reason I need the splash screen.  I have begun the arduous task of shrinking and uploading photos.  Thus far I have uploaded images from the latest CAC, earlier this Month in Toledo, and photos from the DAMNED Exhibit last weekend.  I have decided to try two different formats for the photos.  The first is the film strip style.  I will use this one right now for my photo shoots.  The second is the Tile format which for now I will use with events.  Please try out both formats and leave me comments as to which one you prefer, of if you like the different feel for the different shoot types…

There is also a crap-ton of administrative changes and plugins that I have installed to upgrade security and to help promote the site, such as, a Facebook feed.  All in all, I think the site is coming along nicely and it will not be long before I can sit back and let it run itself.  Either case, more content is to fallow, I will be uploading images from previous CACs and other events as time permits.

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