So this weekend was the Halloween shoot for CAC (Collingwood Arts Center) in Toledo OH.  Now I do not normally recommend going to Ohio unless not going will involve dieing, however, in this situation, I highly recommend attending this event next time if you have not had the chance.  I had the privilege of  working with some pretty awesome models, as always, and really enjoyed the day!!

My first shoot started with my girlfriend, Tyger Greenleaf shooting with a friend of ours Model S, whom I had the pleasure of shooting with for the 2012 calendar Battle of Detroit: Count Down to the End of the World.  The shoot was amazing and lots of fun.

My third shoot was with Laura.  This is also the first time I have had the pleasure of shooting with her.  She brought some spunk and personality to the shoot and managed to get some creative images.  Unfortunately, my auto focus on my camera started to crap out again and this left more unfocused images than I would have liked.  I managed to compensate, but it took up more time, and so subsequently there are less images available.  On top of this, the batteries in my flash died as well leaving me with trying to light my shoot with tungsten bulbs and a reflector.  This accounts for the higher grain with the higher ISO and low light in general.  Despite all of that, I think there are a LOT of good images from this shoot!!

My fourth shoot of the day was with Alyson again.  This is my second shoot with Alyson, with the first shoot being a cool 1920’s shoot.  For this shoot I put her in a corset and then a red top and shot her in more grungy surroundings.  Good shoot, but unfortunately had the same lighting and grain problems as I was getting from Laura.  This time we worked on some light bondage themes and I think these came out very well.

The last shoot of the day turned out to be with Model A.  I have worked with her before up in Detroit before she turned 18.  Having turned 18 for this shoot, this turned into what turned into a truly spectacular shoot.  Most of these images are also in internet friendly, but luckily there are a large number that are.  For this shoot, I got back out of the darker shooting areas and went back up to the 4th floor allowing me to overcome most of the focusing and lighting issues I had been having in the previous two shoots.  Alexa does amazing work as evident by the shots produced and is fun to work with as well.

This weekend is the DAMNED Exhibit, which I have previously posted about, this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  After this, I will definitely have to send my camera in to Canon to have them look at why my camera has problems focusing in low light conditions.  Looks like I might have to switch back to my Canon 20D for a while!!

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