So, despite it being a very long weekend due to military duty on top of attending the DAMNED Exhibit, I had a lot of fun!!  I captured some 1400 images from the various performances, pieces of art, and attendees.  I will be posting highlights of those soon.  In the meantime, I managed to sell two pieces of work this weekend, these are my first two ever.  I did not, however sell the wall piece.  Still I was able to sell two loose prints in the DAMNED Store.  One was a copy of “Dark Fate”, the wall piece I had in the show.  The second was a copy of “Water Sprite” which is an image of Tonya standing over a small waterfall wearing fairy wings taken at Canyon Gorge in the U.P. of Michigan.  Over all, I would say that the show was a huge success, both as an event and for me personally.  My goal was to get some of my art out in front of people, which I did, and even managed to sell a couple of pieces in the process.  Mission accomplished.  I did, however, learn a thing or two about how to submit art to a show, so things should go smoother with whatever I submit to in the future…  Keep an eye out for a DAMNED gallery in the very near future.

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