In order to help my girlfriend out with a photo project for school, and because we have not been  in a while, we decided to do some urban exploration today and take a look inside the East Grand Boulevard Methodist Church in Detroit.  This church is located on East Grand Boulevard as the name implied and is just a couple of blocks west of Bell Isle.

This building has been abandoned for a number of years and is in an advanced state of decay.  When we got there, there was a group already in the building and they had a police escort!!  That was no big deal as I got a chance to talk to them and they basically said they would not give us any grief if we went in.  We also got a hook up for future events!!

As it turns out, the back door to the place is unlocked (or was) and we were able to walk right in.  There is also an open ground level window in the front if the back door is locked but be careful as the room that would allow you entrance to is cluttered with the remains of a piano and a book shelf and could cause injury if not careful!

We were not able to be there for very long and basically got there right before dark.  I was able to take a number of good images though which are posted here.  Even with light failing rapidly, we were able to take quite a few nice photos and in fact, I really like the light.

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND AGAINST GOING IN ABANDONED BUILDINGS UNPREPARED AND WITHOUT EXPERIENCE.  These places can be extremely dangerous for many reasons.  If in doubt, take along someone experienced, there are plenty of experienced Urban Spelunkers in the Detroit area that would be happy to take you in your first couple as a guide until you are more comfortable going on your own.  I myself have been doing this for many years and have many skill sets that would help me out should something go wrong.  YOU  HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

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