Ok, so, I know this is running a little late, but I have just added two more shoots to the CAC September 2012 Shoot.   The reason they are delayed is that I had submitted them for the Dirty Show.  Unfortunately I did not make it into the show.  Subsequently I have given myself the OK to post them now that they are not pending being in a show.

The first of the newest shoots to be posted is the CAC September Shoot 2012 (Shoot 1).  This shoot was made into a poster that was supposed to look like a comic book.  The images were arranged in a way that they told the story and were edited to look like a comic.  It was not accepted into the Dirty Show.  Either case, this is by far my most erotic shoot I have done thus far and I keep pushing boundaries.   The models for this shoot were the amazing Rose Sukl and as always my equally amazing girlfriend Tyger Greenleaf.

The Second of the newest shoots to be posted was also from the the same CAC and can be found at CAC September Shoot 2012 (Shoot 3).  This model was a stand in for another model that basically stood me up.  I had book a 2 hour shoot with a model who not only decided to shoot with another photographer during my time slot but then proceeded to only show up 20 minutes before the end of my shoot. 2 hours booked, about 20 minutes of shoot time used.  In either case, the model featured in this shoot volunteered to step in and work on the shoot instead.  I dare say she did a better job than the original model would have.  There are not many photos in this particular shoot as this was completely lit by candles and was very difficult to get the long exposure right and with lack of blur.  I like the idea and the concept, I even like the outcome, but I am going to have to figure ways of making the air still, as in shoots like these the movement of the air making the candlelight flicker created blur itself.  Very tricky.  She did very well at holding perfectly still for 10+ seconds at a time.

Anyhow, please have a look and feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think.  Unfortunately, due to the amount of spam I have gotten on this site already, I require you to fill in some information.  Still, please let me know what you think.

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