So, I spent the weekend in Toledo, OH, so that I could shoot with Model friend of mine, Ashley.  The shoot is specifically for the INK. Exhibit going on at the Hastings Gallery / Tangent on 10 – 11 May 2013.  I will be submitting a piece for the show from this set and a set I did with Alannah Diamond.  The shoot went extremely well despite my being an idiot and forgetting some key pieces of equipment (IE.  my CAMERA!!!), but luckily I was staying with a Photographer friend of mine, and I was able to borrow a camera to shoot with!!   Just remember, I am a professional!!! (If you believe this, I have a piece of swamp land in the United Arab Emirates with an ocean view, that I am selling very cheap!!!)

Anyhow, despite my idiocy and in no small part due to Ashley being as awesome as she is, I was able to get some really good shots from this shoot.  I will not be posting all of them at this particular moment in time, (until after the INK. show), but I am going to post a few teasers.

Additionally, I was also able to hang out with several really good friends over the weekend as well.  Good weekend.  Next weekend I am back down in Toledo again, this time for the Collingwood Arts Center shoot.  Things are already looking interesting for that.  I will post more about that after the weekend.

In the meantime, here are a few teasers from the shoot this weekend:

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