OK, after a day spent editing, renaming and updating, I have finally updated my website!!  It is not perfect, I have yet to figure out how to rename the galleries without recreating them, which would involve re-selecting and editing all of the photos on this site…  besides that little hick-up, everything else is working perfectly.  The renaming of folders had to happen as I realized that my old naming convention would not keep shoots in chronological order properly.  Anyhow, the shoots are up.  I had an amazing CAC this month and to top it off Tyger Greenleaf and I have been asked to help run / administer the future CAC events.  This is nothing new for me as I am also on the DEAC administration team as well, but it is still pretty cool!!

Take a second to check out the new folder http://cowboydavephotography.com/galleries/model-shoots/cac-march-shoot-2013/ which contains the best of the best from each of the shoots for this CAC.  I hope you enjoy!!

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