Well, between running around at the dirty show, and trying to stay warm, we had DEAC 15 a couple of weeks ago.  All and all the event could have been better.  To describe it in a word, it would be ‘COLD’.  The venue (the Leland Hotel) did not turn the heat on for us all weekend.  That building was colder that I have ever felt it.  I always joke that ‘it maybe cold outside, but at least it is not February DEAC cold!!’  This took things to a whole new level.  The basement where it is normally the hottest, was so cold, you could see your breath.  Hats off to the models that stuck it out and shot with me.

You can view the results of the shoots I was able to do here: http://cowboydavephotography.com/galleries/model-shoots/deac-15/

Despite the cold, I managed to get some pretty good shots from the ordeal.  On the bright side, there will no longer be any February DEACs!!

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