Hello everyone!!  I am David Cagle A.K.A. Cowboy Dave.  I got the nickname due to an old leather cowboy hat I used to wear with an inverted cross in spikes on the front.  That hat has since retired and a new one sits in its place, but the nickname has endured over the years and I have come to embrace it.

I have been dabbling in photography as a hobby since a friend turned me on to it back in 1996.  I have only ever taken the one photography class – intro to black and white back at Oakland Community College in 2000, but with plenty of interest and enthusiasm comes advancements and improvements.  The digital age has done some quite impressive things for my photography, allowing me to practice more than 24 or 36 shots at a time and giving me instant feedback for free.

For me, photography is still a hobby, albeit, a particularly expensive one, and I am really liking where my photography has brought me.  I enjoy taking pictures of just about anything I can point my camera at.  Obviously that leaves room for a lot of different styles and themes.  I really enjoy scenery and landscape photography, just getting out and traveling, seeing new places and taking pictures while I’m there, is one of the greatest joys in life.  I also do a lot of urban spelunking, which is funny as I also enjoy real spelunking as well.  Urban spelunking, for those that are not in the know, is the exploration of abandoned buildings.  I love exploring abandoned and decayed places; I suppose that is why I love old falling down castles in Europe so much.  History.

I have also, in recent years, taken up event photography and concerts in particular.  I am the Stage Manager for Darque Productions in Detroit and, as such, get back stage access with my camera in tow.  This has allowed me to get a lot of practice taking concert photos in low light conditions.  This has given me the opportunity to photography such bands as Combichrist, Covenant, Assemblage 23, Cruxshadows, Seabound, and my personal favorite band of all time, Project Pitchfork.

But without a doubt, my greatest fun in photography, and the thing I spend the most time shooting, is people.  This includes Fashion, Pin-up, Art Nudes, Erotic, and Fetish photography.  I participate in a couple different group photography events, one being the DEAC (Detroit Erotic Art Collaborative), which meets 2 – 3 times a year to do weekend long erotic photo shoots, and the CAC (Collingwood Arts Center) shoots which are held a little more frequently, but normally feature one day of shooting at a time.

This site will be a means of me displaying some of my work, both from the past (eventually) and current projects I have worked on.  Please feel free to look around, leave comments, and come back frequently as I feel I will be updating this site quite often.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy what you see, and make sure to ask me any questions you may have – or if you would like to set up a photo shoot sometime… 😉