This page is a reference to help explain what the difference is between various levels of nudity and common types of shoots that cause people concern, with examples!!



01 Explicit - Adult

Very sexual in nature, can be nude or wearing very little. Most likely showing very intimate parts of your body. Could or could not show your face. Usually very sexually explicit in nature and can contain toys and adult themes.  Almost any cases of penetration and /or masturbation is considered explicit or adult or both.


02 Full Nudity

Fully nude, everything showing, but not necessarily close up shots. Additionally, if you are comfortable being nude as long as you cannot be recognized, let the photographer know, such as wearing a mask or face not in shot. Example: body scapes are very close up parts of you, and doesn’t necessary need to have your face in the shot, but still need you to be nude/ implied.


03 Full Nudity With Identity Hidden

This is an example of how a model can pose nude without her identity being known.  Additionally it can be a body without the face showing.


04 Partial Nudity

Topless or bottomless, but not both, but the part that is not clothed is fully exposed.


05 Implied Nudity

This is either fully nude or partially nude, but the important difference is that the important parts (nipples, or crotches) are strategically covered. It gives the impression that the model is nude.


06 Lingerie

This includes nighties, teddies, and underwear. Basically what a normal person might be expected to be seen in at a beach. But details are important with what the outfit looks like and how much it shows.


07 Light Bondage

This is considered the sensual side of kinky. There is likely to be a pair of hand cuffs, manacles or something else used to restrain you or simply use as a prop. Possibly a blindfold, ball gag, crop, whip or other such props. Light bondage does not automatically mean nudity or anything else, those are details to be discussed. It is absolutely possible to do bondage shoots while fully dressed.


08 Heavy Bondage

This tends to be no longer sensual but more overtly sexual. It may often include the same elements or similar ones to light bondage, but the material is of a more extreme nature. Please bare in mind that this is not for “real” and no actual scenes should be taking place. Similar rules to nudity apply – discuss first.


09 Rope

This is about being tied up and never leaving the floor. This is different to light bondage in the fact that this is about how pretty you can make the rope work. It is ok to do this if you have never done it before. Make sure that injuries are discussed first and how you are feeling at that particular moment. Again, this is not for ‘real’ you should be untied the second your comfort level is reached regardless on whether or not the photographer has the shots they want or any at all. Yet again, nudity is not required and should be discussed.


10 Suspension

This is where being tied up with rope causes you to leave the ground. Although it is possible to do suspension work having never been roped before, it is highly recommended that, for at least your first time working with rope, that you stay on the ground. If you do, decide to do suspension, please make sure your rigger is experienced and you have had a discussion before hand about what you can handle and would like to do.

Lastly, understand your limits. It is perfectly acceptable to not do nudes. It is also perfectly acceptable to do full explicit nudity with a photographer you know and are comfortable with, but refuse to do any kind of nudity with others. You should never feel pressured or bullied into doing something you are not comfortable with, and you can change your mind. However, if you say that you do not do nudity but anything else, then as a photographer I think you are good with anything including implied walking around wearing a strap-on. Better communication of limits will make your life easier when booking shoots.