• Seeing red!

    These are from the second set of three from a recent shoot with Bastet Babe! This set show off the amazing flamingo lingerie I purchased in York, England last year and pops out against my red bedroom wall.

  • A splash of color

    This is the first of three sets from a recent shoot with Bastet babe! I particularly love the offset that the subtle purple in her hair makes compared to the bright teal underwear set! I always enjoy shooting with Bastet Babe and this shoot was no different. Trying to keep a straight face while laughing is impressive.

  • Steamy!

    This set is the second of two sets from my recent shoot with Indigo Heather. This set is all hot and steamy! The lighting was interesting for the shoot and the ‘steam’ came from a smoke machine with us splashing water on the shower door. Lots of creative fun!

  • Getting ready for a night on the town!

    This is set one of a two set shoot I did recently with Indigo Heather. In this set Heather is taking the curlers out and getting ready to hit the town! As always it was fun working with her and had a blast 🙂

  • Recent photo shoot with Bastet Babe!

    This was my second shoot with Bastet Babe!! I wanted to get a last shoot in while the weather was reasonable. As it turns out the weather was great! Turned out to be a fun shoot and a GREAT day of shooting. We shot in the woods in a park near her house and damn near had the entire park to ourselves.

    I will be trying to get some winter shoots in and should hopefully be shooting again with her soon. Keep an eye out for more from her!

    Below are images from each of the day’s three sets.