• Recent photo shoot with Bastet Babe!

    This was my second shoot with Bastet Babe!! I wanted to get a last shoot in while the weather was reasonable. As it turns out the weather was great! Turned out to be a fun shoot and a GREAT day of shooting. We shot in the woods in a park near her house and damn near had the entire park to ourselves.

    I will be trying to get some winter shoots in and should hopefully be shooting again with her soon. Keep an eye out for more from her!

    Below are images from each of the day’s three sets.

  • Another Shoot With Indigo Heather

    One of my goals when working with models is to have them enjoy shooting with me enough that they want to do additional shoots. Doing additional shoots always allows you the chance to get to know each other better and work on different themes. This was my third shoot with Heather. We decided to shoot outside in Tacoma, so we found some parks to shoot in. Lots of fun as always!

    An image from set 1
    An image from set 2
  • Shoot With Karma Crabtree

    Back at the tail end of July, I was able to shoot with Karma Crabtree again. This is my second shoot with her. It has been since before the pandemic since we have gotten to shoot, so it was fun catching up and shooting again. About half the shoots I did were of Karma by herself and the rest were shot with Scarlett TeaseandCrumpet. They are of a similar height and love shooting together. I will post another shot once the second batch of photos with Scarlett are edited.

    Karma Crabtree
  • Shoot With Indigo Heather

    I got to shoot with Indigo Heather for the first time since 2019 back in May. I am just now getting around to blogging about it (I know, I have to work on that). Anyway, it was a fun studio shoot. Stay tuned for more shoots with her 🙂 Below is one of the images that came out of the shoot.

    Indigo Heather 16 May 2022
  • New site goes live!!

    Hello all!! Cowboy Dave Photography has new hosting and a new look. I was fed up with the way my old webhosting company operated, so I switched! Along with the switch comes a new look. I like to keep things simple on my site, and I like the look thus far, but let me know what you think. I will be making updates in the weeks to come as I want to start ramping up my shooting again, now that restrictions are lifting and we are heading back into spring! Hope to hear from everyone soon 🙂